Give yourself a chance to live offline

As someone who is obsessed with the mother nature, I recently realized I am slowly turning into a scheduled machine always doing things as pre-planned again and again. Nowadays our lives are always busy with something, so we do not have time to live our lives. We have responsibilities, work, studies, and many other things to take care of without even realizing the time is always ticking and we can not take back the time that has gone already.

As someone who came from the other side of the world to Finland, I find it as precious place to be in. The nature, the weather, the people, the culture – specially I cannot forget about the northern winter and aurora borealis. I believe the mother nature is amazing and unique in everywhere in the world, but we humans are yet to realize the real value of it.

The well-being of humans is one of the trending topics in modern world. Unfortunately, most people, including myself, are struggling to find the real happiness in the offline life. We are stuck in an online trap. We have already a very busy life due to our other things, but when you think about what is happening now is we are using our last free moments to maintain a fake life in social media. We are almost forgetting that we have a real life out there.

To change this from happening or continuing, we just have to take at least one step. So, I took my step. I found my passion. Now whenever I have the possibility or the opportunity, I always go offline for the well-being of myself. I highly encourage other to find their own passion and be close to the nature.

Finally, I believe that we are a product of the nature, but us humans have disconnected way too much from the nature, which is why we have so many problems. If we all are willing to treat the earth as it should be, it will also treat us as it should.

Text and pictures: Buddhi Panambarage, third year International Tourism Management student