Visit to Yyteri Beach – experience the healing power of water

I went to Yyteri beach with some friends in October, and it was an experience I will never forget. I started my trip in Pori, which is one of the greatest places near the sea. I had never before gone close to the ocean. I had never seen the vast blue sea before. Yyteri Beach, in my opinion, is a hidden gem with a unique blend of pristine surroundings.

I was astounded by the shoreline’s magnificence and the surrounding scenery when I first arrived. The environment was serene and calm, and the place was remarkably clean. The fact that the site was totally sustainable benefits next generations.

I think that any trip to Finland must include a visit to Yyteri Beach. Me and my friend were just sensing the energy. I just stood and watched the waves for a short while, taking in their sounds. The ships that were arriving and the crispness of the wind hitting me made my day. I had only heard theoretical information about the beneficial effects of water before this trip, but this actual visit made it clearer to me how beneficial water is for healing.

Blue spaces are defined as any natural or artificial water-related habitat, including lakes, rivers, swimming pools, oceans, and so on, as we have learned. The importance of nature and blue spaces in our lives was the most fascinating thing I learned during my studies.

According to studies, spending time in blue environments enhances one’s sense of wellbeing and lowers stress, anxiety, and sadness. It’s a fantastic way to get back from the hectic everyday life and the digital world.

As is well known, there is a wonderful, serene setting by the water, complete with the sound of breaking waves, which is truly mind-refreshing. This pushes us to live in the moment and let go of our fears. I was only concentrating on the surrounding environment when I was at the beach, which allowed us to become more conscious of our feelings and ideas. All in all, that trip helped me to enhance my wellbeing.

When discussing the therapeutic properties of water, swimming is the most effective activity. It offers numerous, priceless benefits. Regular swimming enhances the quality of our sleep by regulating our sleep patterns, according to research. We all know how crucial sleep is to maintain both our physical and mental well-being. The sound of running water has a very soothing effect that eases stress and promotes calmness in our minds.

There are further scientific advantages to swimming as well. Research indicates that swimming releases endorphins, which are naturally occurring mood enhancers that can help reduce symptoms of fear and hopelessness. It also serves as a kind of replacement for individuals who are unable to engage in other sports or hobbies like weightlifting, cycling, trekking, and so forth. People congregate in swimming locations, which presents opportunities to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and wellbeing practices. All in all, it’s a fantastic method for enhancing our mental well-being.

Text and pictures: Shahbaj Husen Khan, first year student in International Tourism Management