Ice swimming in Finland

Hey everyone! I am Maria Mengual Renart, a Spanish exchange student from Málaga. During my exchange studies at SAMK I really liked the Well-being from Blue Spaces course and I am going to explain you why.

Overall, I have studied and for instance learned more about the positive effects of water to the well-being of people and also the environment.

My favourite part was getting to know more about what activities are helpful for people, like anti-stressing stuff, or increasing the circulation of our blood.

If you had never thought about it like me, now you know that water makes a huge impact in our life. Some of these activities that helps us are; ice swimming, spa treatments, saunas, thermal baths, ice fishing, even just walking down along the beachside and enjoying the sound of the sea will make a change of your mood and for instance it will helps you.

The girl in the picture is me when I tried for the first-time ice swimming! It was such a funny and enriching experience. After doing it, I felt like a whole new person!

Did you know that water also helps our skin? Well, yes, it does. Water helps to moisturize, refresh, clean and also helps to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. There are a lot of cosmetics that uses water as their main ingredient, for example, micellar water, which is a facial cleanser that uses the natural attraction of micelles (tiny particles that attract dirt and oils) to cleanse skin without leaving a greasy residue. Additionally, water can help balance the skin’s pH, which can help reduce the appearance of large pores and improve skin texture.

This picture shows a micellar water of a famous Finnish brand Lumene that I discovered during my stay in Finland.

On the whole, I have learned a lot of new things about the impacts of water that I didn’t know before and I hope I have helped you to realise some of these great effects that water provide us!

Text: Maria Mengual Renart, en exchange student in SAMK International Tourism Management degree programme